When it comes to choosing the right destination for a honeymoon trip, there are a lot of things that one should take into consideration for one very simple reason: this is perhaps the only trip in your life that you will not get a do-over for. Since this is a trip that a couples takes in order to celebrate their wedding, it goes without saying that – hopefully – they will only get to take it once. This is why a lot of couples that are about to be married spend hours upon hours planning for and preparing this trip. One of the biggest problems or dilemmas that the couple will face is the choice of destination.

When it comes to choosing a honeymoon destination couples seem to always have a hard time, usually because the options are radically different. For example, it usually comes down to a choice for a beautiful European country like Greece, or an exotic destination whose name the couple can’t even pronounce. So, when the chips are down, would you rather go for an “easy” destination such as the Greek islands or for a more exotic one such as Sri Lanka? Let’s do a head to head comparison!

Ease of travel

Exotic destinations are called exotic for many reasons and not all of them are related to their beauty. The term exotic also applies to places that are hard to get to for most people. Getting to Bali or Sri Lanka is definitely more possible nowadays than it was a few years ago, however this kind of trip will probably last for hours and will have many layovers. Furthermore, chances are that the couple will have to go through a lot of legal hoops such as getting vaccinated and acquiring the necessary visas and other documents. Greece on the other hand is ridiculously easy to get to, especially during the summer. Also, in most cases one just needs a valid passport or ID card to get into the country. If you need to book your vacations in Greece and you are looking for packages for trips and cruises greece-travel.gr is the perfect option for you.


It goes without saying that although flights and trips to Greece aren’t always on the cheap side – the prices increase significantly during the summer – they are always cheaper than trips to exotic destinations. Where those destinations have an edge over Greece and other European or “mainstream” destinations however is accommodation. A stay in a luxurious hotel in an exotic country will be significantly cheaper than a stay in an equally luxurious hotel in a Greek island or any other “mainstream” destination.

Natural beauty

Believe it or not, this is actually a tie! Exotic honeymoon destinations are definitely some of the most unique and most breathtakingly beautiful places in the world, but so are most of the Greek islands. It all comes down to personal preference and taste: Greece’s beauty is more romantic and rustic, while the beauty of exotic destinations is more unique and rare. If you would like a more Mediterranean flavor for your honeymoon then the Greeks islands are the best choice, if you want your honeymoon photos to spark envy in all those that see them, then go for a more exotic destination!